Xu Hướng 2/2024 # Discover The Vibrant Beauty Of The 4 Most Famous Nha Trang Night Markets # Top 7 Xem Nhiều

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Walking the night market is one of the most popular activities when traveling, this activity will be extremely suitable for those who love shopping, fun and excitement. Today’s Vietnam Travel Blog will introduce to you the 4 most interesting Nha Trang night markets that you definitely cannot miss while traveling here.

1. Where is Nha Trang night market?

In the city center, there are 4 Nha Trang night markets waiting for you to explore, including:

– Tran Phu Night Market, located at 46 Tran Phu, close to the cultural house of Nha Trang city center, and right on the walking street.

– Nha Trang Market, located at the intersection of Tue Tinh and Tran Quang Khai streets.

– Yasaka Night Market (Yasaka 9 Market) is organized by Yasaka Saigon Nha Trang Hotel

– Tropicana Shopping is located on the campus of Hai Yen Hotel, also on Tran Phu street

2. How to move to Nha Trang night market?

Nha Trang night market is extremely vibrant and bustling at night (Photo: Internet)

Well, we can see that our 4 Nha Trang night markets are all located in the city center and close to Walking Street, so it’s easy to get here. You have many transportation options.

Maybe a “pungent cabbage” if you want to walk to “get down to rice” after an evening enjoying delicious seafood, talking, sightseeing, enjoying the cool breeze will be a very interesting experience. More lemongrass is that you can ride a cyclo, the cyclists are very cute. Or choose to take a taxi to shorten the travel time, the distance is not too far, so the price is very “chestnut”.

3. What is special about Nha Trang night market?

Want to learn and explore the cultural life of a land like, take a walk to the night market of that place, even once you will also feel the unique and most unique cultural activities. .

Nha Trang night market is the convergence of culinary quintessence, specialties, souvenirs … both to meet the needs of exploring new land of visitors, and is a place to help you buy lovely gifts. Cute, bring it to display or give it to your friends or relatives.

Out of the four night markets introduced above, the 46 Tran Phu Night Market is the busiest and busiest. Currently the market has more than 100 stalls selling a variety of items, including more than 20 food stalls. lake for you to savor it.

The stalls are displayed on both sides of the road and leave a small aisle for visitors to move around. The two sides are colorful stalls, in the middle there is a lovely lantern string, which will be a very nice check-in place for you.

Nha Trang night market stalls are well arranged on the side of the road (Photo: Internet)

Tran Phu night market is divided into many different shops such as the food court, souvenir area, amusement park … you remember to explore all these areas because there are many interesting things waiting for you.

Dining area with unique specialties of the sea and diverse food and drinks is the place to keep visitors the longest. Fresh seafood is processed on the spot, the fried fragrant and fragrant fried strings make you crave. Snacks such as popsicles, ice cream rolls, tea, mixed rice paper … are arranged very attractive as inviting you to enjoy.

Food stall with eye-catching food chains (Photo: Internet)Fresh and delicious seafood (Photo: Internet) The colorful souvenir area displays handicrafts, fashion and shoes. The small and beautiful handicrafts are beautifully crafted, you can see the items full of the breath of the sea made from seashells, shells, shells … very unique. And cute, buying something to give to your loved one is sure to score absolutely.A souvenir shop with small and lovely gifts (Photo: Internet)

In addition to enjoying delicious food and shopping for lovely items, visitors are also immersed in extremely bustling fun activities here. There is an inspirational painting area where artists will capture golden moments and depict your portraits in the fastest and most charismatic manner. There is also an extremely cute and crowded statue area.

4. Experience walking Nha Trang night market

Just heard that I wanted to go to Nha Trang night market right away to be immersed in the vibrant life here. But wait, before going, please remember the following notes carefully to be a wise traveler.

– Do not hesitate to pay the price. Price challenge is a familiar culture of Vietnamese markets, the price offered by small traders is always higher than the real value. So do not be afraid to ask carefully for the price, or to bargain, because otherwise you will be very easily chopped up until that bag burns.

– Highlight the evils of pickpocketing and theft. Nha Trang night market every night has hundreds of tourists coming back and forth, extremely crowded, so it is inevitable that ugly evils such as pickpocketing or theft cannot be avoided. You must be vigilant and carefully preserve the item to avoid unwanted things

– Remember to “save your belly” to also enjoy the specialties of Nha Trang night market. A little tip for you is that you should eat just at night so you can enjoy delicious foods and drinks at the night market, if you are too full, you will not enjoy much.

Nha Trang night market is extremely crowded, please always take care of your belongings carefully! (Photo: Internet)


Nha Trang is one of the best tourist destinations in Vietnam, many tourists say that when they go to Nha Trang once, they will definitely have to come back again, and one of the reasons for enchanting that person. is the night market Nha Trang .

Do not hesitate any more, remember to visit the above 4 night markets to discover all the bustling beauty of Nha Trang at night!

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Từ khoá: Discover the vibrant beauty of the 4 most famous Nha Trang night markets

Admire The Amazing Beauty Of Hon Chong Hon Vo Nha Trang

Not only admire the amazing beauty of the specially shaped rocky beach named Hon Chong Hon Vo , but you can also listen to the extremely thrilling tale of nature, as well as the touching story of love. couple.

Chekin at Hon Chong Hon Nha Trang

Come on, let’s go with Vietnam Travel to discover Hon Chong Hon Vo Nha Trang!

1. Where is Hon Gai Hon Chong and how to get here?

Hon Chong Hon Vo is a natural rocky beach in Vinh Phuoc ward, Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa province. Hon Chong and Hon Vo are two different rocks, located in two different locations, usually people will first come to Hon Chong to visit and then to Hon Wife, these two areas are not too far apart.

Hon Chong Hon Vo is a natural rocky beach of Nha Trang beach

The road to Hon Chong’s rock beach is quite easy, because this place is only about 4 kilometers from the city center. You go along Tran Phu Street and cross Pham Van Dong overpass, then you will see a road leading down to Hon Chong on the right hand side.

The distance is quite close so you can completely walk, or rent a motorbike, or taxi to get to this place. Want to visit and take photos at Hon Chong Hon Wife you have to buy tickets, ticket price is 22k / person / time.

Pin now Nha Trang travel experience self-sufficiently useful!

2. Admire the amazing beauty of Hon Chong Hon Vo Nha Trang

Want to visit and take pictures at Hon Chong Hon Wife you have to buy tickets for 22k / person / visit.

Hon Chong Hon Vo is actually a natural rocky beach created from large rocks that lay on top of each other, over time, eroded and weathered by wind and ocean waves, forming a wonderful beauty. extremely.

The rocky beach is located on the beautiful Nha Trang beach, but is protruding outwards, as if wanting to separate itself from the bustling atmosphere of the bustling beach. That is why this is one of Nha Trang destinations that makes visitors feel the peace and tranquility amid a vast and romantic natural scene.

Hon Chong

Hon Chong is located far off the sea, with two large stones stacked, consisting of a rock that looks quite square, stacked on a larger and rather flat rock.

Hon Chong rock jutting out in the middle of the sea

The most strange thing is that on the large rock above there is a giant palm-shaped indentation. There are many stories surrounding this dent. There is a story that is best told is that there is a giant fishing on the beach, a large fish bites away, the giant has to clasp his hands on the rocks to get the rocks to pull the fishing line, thus forming a hollow shape hand on stone.

Hon Wife

The giant dent in the shape of Hon Chong’s amazing hand Climbing on rocky beaches makes visitors feel like they are exploring, exploring the wonders of the sea. On the rocky beach there are also many strange-shaped rocks. For example, a stone lying between two vertical rocks forms a portal that can go back and chúng tôi stone slab has a very special sky gate shape

Far from Hon Chong, on the right hand side is a rock with a softer, more temperate shape, that is Hon Vo.

Hon Vo is 4 smaller rocks stacked on top of each other, two below, two above. Due to being closer to the ocean waves, it is more weathered, the eroded rocks are no longer angled like Hon Chong, people say that the more arrogant Hon Chong is, the more gentle Hon Vo is.

The Hon Vo stone slab has a softer and more temperate shape

The story of Hon Chong Hon Vo also has a touching story. It was before a boat of a couple drifted into this beach, met with a thunderstorm and fell into the water. The husband holds his wife with one hand and one hand, but no matter how hard he tries, he cannot conquer the fierce nature. The two of them turned into two large rocks lying in the middle of the high sea to be together forever. The husband’s hand clung to the stone because it used so much strength that it left a dent. This story explains why Hon Vo is not far from Hon Chong. And perhaps it is from this story that the people in the new area call these two large stone populations Hon Chong Hon Vo to symbolize the love of the couple’s faithfulness.

3. What to play at Hon Vo Hon Chong?

Tourists come here not only to admire the huge natural rocky beach, but also enjoy the beautiful scenery in the vast ocean.

Standing on Hon Chong, overlooking will be Hon Yen , looking to the right is Cau Da Port, Hon Tre, and the beautiful Nha Trang coast. Also overlooking Co Tien Mountain, and Hon Do.

Coming to Hon Wife Hon Chong, you will admire the giant natural rocky beach and admire the beautiful scenery in the vast ocean

After days wandering around the land of Nha Trang to discover that beauty, enjoy delicious Nha Trang cuisine, you can go to Hon Chong Hon Vo to have moments of peaceful relaxation, listening to waves. fencing.

If you want to have the best virtual live pictures, come to the rocky beach early in the morning, at this time there are still no visitors and new sunshine so the weather is extremely pleasant. Noon and afternoon will be a lot more crowded.

In addition, to go to Hon Chong Hon Vo beach, you will pass Nha Trang Bay Assembly Hall, which displays many beautiful images of Nha Trang for you to admire. In addition, you can also explore the unique architecture built in the Hue style of this Assembly Hall.


Nha Trang Bay Assembly Hall has a unique architecture built in the style of Hue communal houses

With some  of the travel experiences of Hon Chong Hon Vo Nha Trang above, hoping to bring you an interesting destination in Nha Trang, please pin now to admire and explore when having the opportunity to come here.

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Từ khoá: Admire the amazing beauty of Hon Chong Hon Vo Nha Trang

Be Amazed By The Wild Beauty Of Dai Lanh Sea

Dai Lanh beach is favored by tourists, praising that this place is one of the most beautiful beaches in Central Vietnam. And if I have the opportunity to come here once, I firmly believe that you will be flustered by the beauty of this place.

Let’s travel with Vietnam Travelers to visit Dai Lanh sea to discover the beautiful beauty and explain why this place is so loved.

Dai Lanh Beach – an invaluable gift that nature gives to Khanh Hoa tourism

According to the administrative territory, Dai Lanh sea is located in Van Ninh district, Khanh Hoa province and is located on Highway 1A, the way to here is very easy and convenient, visitors can rent a motorbike to come here, or take the train. , because nearby is Dai Lanh train station.

Dai Lanh Beach is located in a very unique position between the two provinces of Khanh Hoa and Phu Yen, and located in the famous Van Phong Bay. Only about 80 kilometers north of Nha Trang city and about 30 kilometers south of Tuy Hoa town in Phu Yen. That is why the nature of Dai Lanh beach has just inherited the gentle beauty of Nha Trang beach, but equally the wild and majestic beauty of Phu Yen beach.

The majestic pristine beauty of Dai Lanh beach in Nha Trang (Photo source: Internet)

Another special feature is that Dai Lanh Sea is surrounded by two very famous passes in our country, that is Ca Pass in the north and Co Ma pass in the south. Shielded by two majestic passes, even on rough days with strong winds, Dai Lanh sea is still calm, the waves still gently pat the shore.

If you drive from Nha Trang city, when you approach Co Ma pass, Dai Lanh sea appears like a charming landscape painting that makes you want to fall in love. The row of green casuarina stretches, far away is the majestic forest, the deep blue sea surface, the more shimmering in the sun like gold, the fishing boats moor together to bring a peaceful and dreamy look.

The scene of the boat anchoring the peaceful and romantic shore (Photo source: Internet)

Khanh Hoa tourism is truly favored by nature when bestowing beautiful landscapes, one of which is Dai Lanh beach.

Since ancient times, Dai Lanh Sea has been famous as one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Central region. Especially in the 30s of the 19th century, King Minh Mang, because he was fascinated by the beautiful beauty of Dai Lanh sea, carved the image on Cuu Dinh placed in front of The Mieu courtyard, in the Imperial Citadel of Hue. That day, appearing on the Nine Peaks was extremely proud because Cuu Dinh was considered to be the place to honor the most beautiful symbols of Vietnam.

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The wild but gentle beauty of Dai Lanh sea

It is fortunate that despite its popularity, Dai Lanh Sea today still retains its pristine beauty, not being changed too much by human hands. Because perhaps because the sea here is so beautiful, there is no need to fix anything, but it can still make anyone ecstatic.

Take a deep breath and fill your chest with the taste of the sea (Photo source: Internet)

It is no exaggeration to say that Dai Lanh sea is one of the most beautiful seas in Vietnam. Come here once and only know how beautiful this place is. The landscape is lyrical with green poplar forests, deep blue seas, and the sand is so white. Listening to the whispering waves flapping the shore like hearing the hidden whisper from the ocean far away.

The sand slopes are gentle, so at first glance Dai Lanh beach is quite shallow, very suitable for fun activities on the beach, you can comfortably enjoy the immense water waves, stretching white under your feet without worrying. fear of deep water causing unsafety. The sea water is extremely cool, and transparent enough to see the bottom, if you are courageous and know how to swim, take the difficulty to swim further from the shore, you will discover the wonderful world of creatures on the seabed.

Deep blue sea water under the sun (Photo source: Internet) If you are a lover of lightness and romance, you can sit by the beach and watch the waves crash, and look out to the distant horizon. This is also an ideal place to catch a beautiful sunrise in the early morning, or a gentle sunset in the chúng tôi Lanh Beach is a super beautiful and poetic check-in place for young people (Photo source: Internet)

Dai Lanh Sea is also the mooring place of fishing boats, after tired days on the sea, boats here anchored peacefully.

To fully explore the beauty of Dai Lanh Sea, you may have to spend an entire day or two here. Wake up early in the morning to catch the dawn, watch the sun rise from the eastern horizon. In the afternoon, the bath was really waving in the clear cool water, followed by watching the sunset fall, observing how the rays of sunlight gradually shut down to make room for the night. At night, the wind rises, and friends enjoy the freshest specialties, sipping a can of fresh and cold beer, chatting all night long, all sorrows seem to disappear, only the joys left here end.

Catch the beautiful sunrise from Dai Lanh Cape (Photo source: Internet)

If you are lucky enough to come here on the full moon day, the full moon shines a gentle light on the human world, the sea glistens with yellow color, the waves whisper, like making you lost in the realms.

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If you have the opportunity to travel to Nha Trang, visit Dai Lanh beach once to be amazed and infatuated by the wild but gentle beauty of this place. Come admire the beautiful scenery of the forest of the sea that the mother of nature has lovingly bestowed on Dai Lanh sea.

Come to Dai Lanh sea, watch the blue sea, listen to the murmuring waves to dispel sadness, fatigue and anxiety in life. Do not forget to bring a friend and a partner to come along, to enjoy the beautiful scenery together, sip fresh seafood, and to re-energize each other to fight to the end.

Đăng bởi: Nguyễn Uyên

Từ khoá: Be amazed by the wild beauty of Dai Lanh sea

The Largest Grilled Snakehead Fish Oven In Ho Chi Minh City “Red On Fire All Night” To Prepare For The Day Of God Of Fortune

Formed in association with the history of opening in the ecological natural conditions of the Southwest region, grilled snakehead fish has become a specialty of this place and almost appeared in many worshiping ceremonies to the gods. Offering grilled snakehead fish as in the generous concept of Westerners is to offer grace on the most quintessential products from the local heaven and earth. In recent years, when snakehead fish has become a popular and convenient dish, it has become more and more popular with families, not only Westerners.

Stretching for more than 10km on Tan Ky Tan Quy Street (Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City), there are more than 20 households selling grilled snakehead fish, that’s why every Tet holiday, people in the city often come here to buy. Grilled snakehead fish, the most crowded is the occasion of the God of Fortune (January 10).

The most famous grilled fish village in this village is the Cuc Bui fish oven with 3 stalls of grilled snakehead fish located on the front of Tan Ky Tan Quy street (Tan Phu district, Ho Chi Minh City).

The largest grilled snakehead fish oven in Tan Phu, Ho Chi Minh City “burns red” overnight to serve the God of Fortune day.

Mobilizing more than 30 recipes overnight to bake more than 5 tons of snakehead fish

“This tradition of making fish has been around for about 17 years, my wife and I came up with it, since H5N1 switched to this profession. Since then, each person has bought and eaten a lot,” said Mr. Le Van Tho (owner of Cuc grilled snakehead fish establishment. Dust) told us. Mr. Tho is the owner of Cuc Bui grilled snakehead fish – the oldest famous grilled fish oven on Tan Ky Tan Quy street.

To serve this year’s God of Wealth, Mr. Tho’s fishery consumed 5 tons of snakehead fish, mobilizing more than 30 workers to work through the night.

Snakehead fish is cleaned and salted, skewered with sugar cane before being grilled.

“Only to prepare for the day of God of Fortune alone is 5 tons, this year we made about 1000 more than last year, we baked from noon to 8 pm tonight, we have about 3000. From before Tet to today, I sold them. The staff is about 30 people working, there are my children and grandchildren outside of Vung Tau village to help, everyone in here shares a job each, sharing together,” said Mr. Tho excitedly.

In order to have a bountiful season of grilled snakehead fish lasting from the 23rd day of the lunar calendar in the year of the Tiger to the 10th day of the Lunar New Year, Mr. Tho’s oven had to be prepared about a month before. From the stage of ordering fish, mobilize people to do and divide the jobs so that they are on the reels.

It is known that each piece of grilled fish will come with raw vegetables, vermicelli and dipping sauce, the price ranges from 180,000 VND to 250,000 VND / portion depending on the size of the fish.($1=24,000 VND)

After the cleaning process, the worker will pierce a piece of sugarcane from the fish’s mouth into the fish’s belly and bring it to salt, the fish is grilled on 5 charcoal ovens that are always red, each oven will be in charge of 10 – 15 birds every 30 – 45 minutes.

After the fresh fish is brought back from the fishery, the heavy work such as fish farming, fish making, salting, sugar cane piercing will be done by male workers. As for the distribution of vermicelli into small plastic bags, washing vegetables, making dipping sauces, cutting onions, and roasting beans, the female workers will be in charge.

Grilling fish is the part that takes the most time. After the cleaning process, the worker will pierce a piece of sugarcane from the fish’s mouth into the fish’s belly and bring it to salt, the fish is grilled on 5 charcoal ovens that are always red, each oven will be in charge of 10 – 15 birds every 30 – 45 minutes.

The largest grilled snakehead fish oven in Ho Chi Minh City is red all night to serve the day of God of Wealth

Buyers are “terrible”, some people are willing to wait 2-3 hours

Talking about purchasing power last year, Mr. Tho can only describe it with the phrase “terrible crowd”, also according to this boss in recent years, Saigon people have tended to prefer grilled snakehead fish, that’s why. but the grilled snakehead fish shops on this day work non-stop.

More than 5 tons of grilled fish are ready for the day of God of Wealth tomorrow.

“They buy fish, they always suffer, many people stand for 2-3 hours and still can’t buy fish. Orders are many but dare not accept, for fear of forgetting people shouting, that day can’t eat and drink. only water, whoever comes to buy it will sell it to others,” said Mr. Tho.

Also according to Mr. Tho, since the day “grilled snakehead fish” is popular, many people in Tan Phu district and people everywhere in general have jobs. For every sale of grilled fish through a New Year’s holiday season, the income is already equal to a few months of work.

“Everyone enjoys the blessings of heaven together. Anyone who knows how to grill fish can also grill it. In Saigon now they make a lot of grilled fish.”

Grilled fish right now is busier than ever.

Photo: Internet (vinlove.net)

Đăng bởi: Vũ Huyền Diệu

Từ khoá: The largest grilled snakehead fish oven in Ho Chi Minh City “red on fire all night” to prepare for the day of God of Fortune

Check In The Famous Salt Fields In Vietnam, Admire The Rare And Hard

The famous salt fields in Vietnam have impressive scenery 1. Ca Na salt field


Ca Na salt field is 30 km from Phan Rang city. Photo: @nth.meeCa Na salt field is the largest salt basin in our country , owning a large area of ​​up to 1000 hectares, located along the coast. This place provides a large amount of salt for the whole country, creating conditions for local people to have more jobs. Visiting this salt field, you will see the image of a gentle, simple farmer who works enthusiastically all year chúng tôi Na salt field is up to 1000 hectares wide. Photo: @bonneh_00Due to the characteristics of the salt-making profession depending on the weather, the dry season from December to August of the lunar calendar is the time when this salt field is bustling with salt-making activities. In Ca Na, salt farmers make salt on tarpaulin-lined fields, so the salt here has better quality, white and clean salt particles, less impurities, and less impact on the environment.December – August of the lunar calendar is a suitable time to explore Ca Na salt fields. Photo: @khongphainhan

Having the opportunity to travel to Ninh Thuan and explore Ca Na salt fields, visitors will admire the pure white salt fields with white salt mounds like beautiful snowy mountains. This will be a place for you to freely take impressive check-in photos, save many beautiful moments.

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2. Hon Khoi salt field 


Hon Khoi is a famous salt field of Khanh Hoa province. Photo: @asia_mywayIf you have the opportunity to travel to Khanh Hoa , you should visit Hon Khoi once to learn about the salt-making profession of the salt people here. In Hon Khoi, salt makers are mainly women – people who work hard all year round. Coming here, you will hear interesting stories about the salt production process, and take many beautiful commemorative chúng tôi women are hard at work making salt. Photo: @bohemianizmIn the salt production areas in Vietnam , Hon Khoi is a place used to promote tourism development. The dry season from December to April every year is the most ideal time for you to explore Hon Khoi, admire the outstanding white salt mounds in the bright yellow summer sun. The beautiful scenery here will be a great source of inspiration, giving birth to a series of virtual live chúng tôi is where the beautiful pictures are born. Photo: @lyhlongFor a long time, Hon Khoi has become a hunting destination for photographers and many tourists. The moment of sunrise and sunset is the best time to save beautiful photos. The bright yellow sunlight of the sun adorns the white salt mounds more prominent and radiant than chúng tôi tourists and photographers come to Hon Khoi to take pictures. Photo: @the_amazing_orient

According to Khanh Hoa travel experience that many people share, the beauty of this place is even more impressive when the sea water overflows into the salt fields. At this time, the whole Hon Khoi becomes like a giant mirror, reflecting the blue sky. Visitors who come here just need to choose a beautiful angle and enjoy taking pictures to bring back top-notch photos.

3. Sa Huynh salt field  4. Other salt fields 

Đăng bởi: Hòa Lê Xuân

Từ khoá: Check in the famous salt fields in Vietnam, admire the rare and hard-to-find beautiful scenery

Discover The Beautiful Villages On Stilts In The North With Unique And Different Architecture

The beautiful villages on stilts in the North are visited by many tourists 1. Thai Hai stilt house village

Thai Hai stilt house village is a beautiful village on stilts in the North located in My Hao hamlet, Thinh Duc commune, about 12km from Thai Nguyen city. From Hanoi to here is only about 1 hour, very convenient for visitors to explore and learn about the traditional culture of the indigenous people. 

This is the place to preserve the traditional stilt house of the Tay ethnic group. Photo: @jessyin

In Thai Hai village , there are about 30 houses on stilts of the Tay ethnic group. These are stilt houses built from large trees, thatched roofs, combining bamboo, soil, … to create a rustic, simple and close living space. Since being planned as a conservation area, this stilt house village has attracted many visitors. 

Coming here, visitors have the opportunity to explore a peaceful and large space. Photo: @_trdez.hqn

Visiting this beautiful village in the Northwest , visitors can rest in clean, spacious and airy houses on stilts. To serve visitors, households are fully prepared with clean fragrant pillows, separate toilets for convenience for personal activities. Having the opportunity to travel to Thai Nguyen and come to Thai Hai village, you will live like a native Tay.

Traveling to Thai Nguyen, you remember to visit Thai Hai stilt house village. Photo: @phuong.fall

Visiting Thai Hai village, visitors can take a walk to see the beauty of traditional stilt houses. In particular, you can also rent traditional costumes of people in shops to take pictures. In addition, if coming here in January, visitors can also participate in the famous Long Tong festival.

2. Xa Phin stilt house village  

One of the beautiful stilt houses in the North that has attracted many tourists recently is Xa Phin village located in Xa Phin village, Phuong Tien commune, Vi Xuyen district, Ha Giang province. From the city center to here about 20 km, visitors go northwest to Tay Con Linh range to reach this unique village.

Xa Phin is home to very unique moss-covered houses on stilts. Photo: Vietnamplus

Xa Phin village is located at an altitude of about 1000 meters above sea level, is the residence of the Dao ethnic minority. Indigenous residents live in houses on stilts with thatched roofs, on the roofs covered with green moss. Local people say that the moss-covered houses here are 20-30 years old.

This is the traditional model of a house on stilts of the Dao people. Photo: Saigon Tiep Thi

When the house on stilts of the Dao people is newly built, there will be no green moss on the leaf roof. After about 5 years, in the cool, cloudy climate, high humidity and fog,… creating favorable conditions for the dense green moss to grow. From then on, the roof of palm leaves gradually absorbed moisture and so green moss continued to grow, denser and turned the roofs of stilts in Xa Phin into a beautiful green color.

The house on stilts has a palm roof, creating conditions for green moss to cover. Photo: Vietnamnet

It can be said that this is one of the most unique beautiful stilt houses in the North today. This layer of green moss not only makes people’s houses more beautiful, but also has the effect of cooling in summer and keeping warm in winter. The moss layer on the roof acts as a large blanket to cover and cover the house. 

The strange beauty of the Dao house on stilts in Ha Giang. Photo: Ethnicity and development

Today, when traveling to Ha Giang , many tourists choose to come to Xa Phin village to enjoy the beauty of unique stilt houses, take pictures of check-in as a souvenir and learn about the life of the local people. Surely visitors coming here will have many memorable travel experiences.

3. Village on stilts in Muong Lay town

If you have the opportunity to travel to the Northwest , come to Muong Lay town, about 100 km from Dien Bien city. This is where there is a village of stilts located along the Da River. The typical stone-roofed stilts streets are built close to each other, creating a unique population of villages on stilts. 

The beautiful village of Thai people on stilts in Muong Lay town. Photo: Ngoc Thanh – Pham Chieu (VnExpress)

This village on stilts is home to many ethnic minorities. In which, the Thai ethnic group accounts for 70% of the population. Thai people in Muong Lay live in stilt houses with natural stone roofs. This is a traditional model of a house on stilts, each house uses daily brown, black, and iridescent stones to create a solid and solid house. 

The houses on stilts with stone roofs are close together along the Da River. Photo: EVN Newspaper

The stone that the Thai people use to build houses on stilts is quarried from the Da river lake bed, easily cut and split to suit the roofing requirements. The stone used to make roof tiles is cut into squares with sides of 20-30 cm. The top part is cut in an isosceles triangle to match each other when reassembled, ensuring that the stone roof is straight and not tilted.

Spacious and spacious stilt house of Thai people in Muong Lay. Photo: Vietnamplus

The feature of the stone roof stilt house in Muong Lay town is that the stone is waterproof, heat-resistant, and cold-resistant. Therefore, the stone roof is almost unaffected by the environment, maintaining its beauty and durability over the years. In order for the house on stilts to be able to lift the heavy stone roof, Thai people often use big wood to make the house frame. All columns, trusses, … to be connected very firmly. 

If you have the opportunity to visit Muong Lay town, remember to explore this unique village on stilts. Photo: Labor

Having the opportunity to visit the village of stone roof stilts of people in Muong Lay, visitors can spend time walking around the village to learn about the life of Thai people here. The Thai ethnic group in Muong Lay preserves the traditional beauty and traditional rituals and cultural heritages such as boat racing, Xoe dancing, etc., promising to bring visitors many impressive travel experiences. 

4. The original village of Hang Tau 

In Vietnam, there are many beautiful traditional stilt houses, in which Hang Tau is a village that is receiving the attention of many tourists. Hang Tau is located in Chieng Hac commune, Moc Chau district. From the center of Moc Chau to here is about 20 km, not too far for visitors to explore.

The beauty of Hang Tau in Moc Chau. Photo: @bookingmocchau

Hang Tau is considered the original village because it is almost completely separate from the modern life out there. In the village there is no electricity, internet, phone waves and especially the wild, fresh and peaceful natural scenery. In particular, this place also has wooden stilt houses that the Mong people, nestled in the deep green forests. 

This is a traditional village of the Mong ethnic group. Photo: @vnmkey

In fact, Hang Tau is a farming area with an area of ​​about 1 hectare. This place is like a green valley, green and wild grasslands. The stilt house of the Mong people in Hang Tau is built with simple wood materials. Mainly, the Mong use these houses to temporarily rest during their stay here to raise animals such as chickens, ducks, pigs, goats, etc. 

Coming here, visitors can immerse themselves in the peaceful, rustic picture of the landscape. Photo: @meowanderplust

Coming to the poetic Hang Tau, visitors seem to be lost in a new and peaceful world. Currently, this village has begun to develop tourism. Visitors here have to pay the entrance fee to visit the village. If you have a need to camp in the village, you should prepare a full tent, food and drink and necessary tools.  

Dieu Nhi girl checked in at Hang Tau. Photo: @dieu_nhiii

The beautiful villages on stilts in the North are attractive tourist destinations, attracting a large number of domestic and international tourists to regularly visit. So if you have the opportunity, please visit these beautiful villages to be able to fully enjoy the impressive destinations of Vietnam tourism.

Photo: Internet (vinlove.net)

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