Xu Hướng 2/2024 # Strangely, Insects Only Live For A Few Hours, Becoming A Specialty In Hanoi On The Table # Top 10 Xem Nhiều

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In the last few years, when the appointment comes up again, from February to April of the lunar calendar, in the Red River region, there is a pretend baby (also known as a pretend child). At that time, this insect began to emerge from the bottom of the river to the surface of the water, covering a wide area.

In the past 3-4 years, from February to April of the lunar calendar, fishermen along the Red River are busy harvesting “gifts from heaven” – pretenders (Photo: Nguyen Huong).

Mr. Nguyen Van Minh (living in Hoang Mai district, Hanoi) said that he used to have many in the Red River more than ten years ago, then disappeared for unknown reasons. In recent years, they have reappeared and are quickly caught by local fishermen and sold to customers for 280,000 – 320,000 VND/kg. At times, pretending to be scarce, the quantity is not much, but the demand for buyers increases, so the price of this insect is up to half a million dong.

“I pretend to live at the bottom of the river, only coming to the surface for a few hours to molt in the early morning. Every year, I pretend to appear a few times, but the time from February to April of the lunar calendar is the most. experience will know how to determine the time to pretend to be on the surface of the river Usually, if the first day of the year pretends to be floating, the next week will follow. to the river to harvest pretend,” Minh said.

After two molts, she pretends to lay eggs and then dies. The eggs hatch into larvae and then return to the bottom of the river, “hiding” until the day they floated to the surface to molt (Photo: Ngoc Phung Phinh).

This man also emphasized, the child pretended to only appear for about 2 hours, from 4-6 am and then disappeared. They live in the fleshy soil of the river bottom with a life cycle that undergoes two molts. Initially, the larvae emerge from the ground to the surface to molt, hover for about 15 minutes, and then continue to molt a second time. This process takes about 1 hour.

To catch the pretender, the fishermen have to watch the time and the weather. The day they appeared, they got up at 4 a.m., moved by motorboat to the Red River estuary, and then used a net funnel to harvest them. This method helps people catch fish quickly in large quantities, instead of using manual, rudimentary methods with a racket.

“Pretending to only appear for a short time, they are easily crushed under water, so when caught, they have to be decisive and quick, and at the same time avoid affecting their quality. So, pretend to be harvested and processed. make delicious new dishes. On peak days, my family can pick up about 30-40kg of pretend”, Mr. Minh revealed.

People along the Red River have to watch the day, watch the time, wait for the right time to pretend to fly over the water, then take a motor boat with a large net to harvest (Photo: Tung Dao).

After being caught, the fish will be cleaned directly in the river to remove the soft carcass and then sell it. In recent years, this insect has become a specialty that attracts gourmets in the capital, so it is always in a state of “out of stock”.

In the past, pretend was a rustic dish of fishermen along the Red River. Today, this insect has become an expensive specialty, up to half a million dong/kg, loved by gourmets. In the picture is a dish that pretends to be roasted with lemon leaves (Photo: Nguyet Anh Le).

“The reason pretend has a high price and is loved by many people because of its strange taste, which is a raw material for processing many delicious dishes such as pretend frying with honey leaves, pretending to roast lemon leaves, pretending to be stir-frying water spinach, pretending to be hot pot. crab,… Particularly, the dish that pretends to cook barbed fish or pretends to be grilled is delicious, easy to make and most popular,” Thuy said.

According to this woman, the process of processing the puppet requires meticulousness and ingenuity. Pretend to buy and pick up the body and wash it with water very gently, avoid crushing them. Pretend to be drained, then mix with minced meat, finely chopped guava leaves and season to taste. Put the pan on high, wait for the oil to get hot, then put the fried spring rolls in. It has a bright yellow color, a greasy taste, and a fragrant aroma.

The processing of the pretending requires meticulous attention to ensure that it is not crushed and retains its delicious taste (Photo: San San).

Fried egg rolls, guise leaves are one of the favorite dishes of many diners (Photo: Huong Nguyen).

I pretend to cook with barbs or cook hot pot, both delicious, making the broth more sweet and greasy (Photo: To Linh).

With pretend braised fish, the method is similar to braised fish. But pretend after cleaning will be lightly fried with pork belly. The barb is processed cleanly, and marinated with turmeric and galangal to increase its color and attractive aroma. Cook the barbs until cooked, then add the pork belly and braised together, add garlic and sour leaves and then enjoy.

Because I pretend to be only a few times a year, the quantity is not much, so diners often buy it and store it in the freezer to use it gradually (Photo: Ngoc Phung Phinh).

Because they only appear a few times a year, people often “hunt”, buy them in bulk, then bring them home to clean them, store them in the freezer for later use. Pretend to be quick to cook, so it’s quick to cook, just a few minutes to enjoy.

Photo: Internet (vinlove.net)

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Từ khoá: Strangely, insects only live for a few hours, becoming a specialty in Hanoi on the table

A Busy Trade Center In Hanoi

The renowned Dong Xuan Market in downtown Hanoi has long been a favorite, a busy trade center that attracted buyers from many other places …

Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, is famous not only for a dynamic and bustling environment but also for the precious cultural values, which can be easily found in every street of the Old Quarter, every typical dish of Hanoi cuisine, and every traditional market you come across. When it comes to shopping in Hanoi, the first and foremost location that should be mentioned is Dong Xuan Market, the largest wholesale market in Hanoi.

Dong Xuan Market has long been a tourist attraction in Hanoi, thanks to its prime location in the heart of this city as well as the impressive architecture and history. Coming to Dong Xuan Market, you can find a wide range of commodities from fabric, clothing, local handicrafts, souvenirs and street foods. Read on to explore all the specific things about Dong Xuan Market.

I. History of Dong Xuan Market

According to the historical documents, before 1888, there was a market in the south of To Lich River from Hang Ca to Ngo Gach Street. In 1889, when a part of To Lich River and Thai Cuc Lake were filled, the authority re-planned the market and all the kiosks had to move to an empty area in Dong Xuan Ward, forming Dong Xuan Market. In 1889, the construction of Dong Xuan Market was started with five vault-like roofs and steel frames; each frame is 19 meter high and 52 metters, covering a total area of 6500 square meters.

Once the market was completed, there was only a market every two days, but later on, due to the needs of developing economy and commerce, Dong Xuan Market opened everyday from morning to evening. There were various commodities traded there such as agricultural products, foodstuffs, vegetables, fruits, fabric and machinery from France, China, India.

What is more fascinating about this market is its historical significance which you still can experience if you visit this destination. When the nationwide war broke out in 1946, Dong Xuan Market witnessed the fierce battles of Vietnamese resistance fighters against the French soldiers, especially the combat of deciding-to-die soldiers (Quyết Tử Quân) to prevent the French attack on the Inter-resistance Zone 1 in February 1947.

In 1990, Dong Xuan Market was rebuilt, two blocks were broken down, and three others were renovated with three floors. However, in 1994, Dong Xuan Market was completely destroyed by fire; almost all the stalls there were burnt down. This has been the largest market fire in Hanoi so far. In 1995, Dong Xuan Market was rebuilt with the total area of three floors of nearly 14,000 square meters with about 2000 stores.

For more than 100 years, Dong Xuan Market has associated with many important milestones throughout the history of Hanoi, contained all the material and sentimental value of Hanoi and become one of the inseparable symbols of Hanoi.

II. Dong Xuan Day Market

As mentioned above, Dong Xuan Market is a wholesale one, where you can find a number of commodities ranging from appearances and prices. Like other traditional markets in Vietnam, Dong Xuan Market has an abundance of kiosks selling essential goods spread over three storeys. Each floor of Dong Xuan Day Market has extinct types of goods, which is quite convenient for you to find your favourite things. Let’s discover what is sold on each floor!

1. 1st floor

Entering Dong Xuan Market, you can immediately see a fountain in the central position of the 1st floor. This is the place where you can sit down to have a break after going shopping. On the ground floor of Dong Xuan Market, like other trading places, there are plentiful kinds of foodstuffs such as meat, seafood, vegetables and processed foods. The back parts of this floor sells pets like dogs, cats, goldfish and also fresh flowers. Not only that, household appliances and electric equipment are for sale there.

2. 2nd floor

Continuing to go up to the second floor, you will get to the area where fashion products are sold with T-shirts, hats, dresses, skirts, fabrics in many colors and styles, most of which are the latest ones in the market. Besides, accessories are available on the second floor with handbags, shoes, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, watches and so on. If you are finding some souvenirs like ceramic teapots, conical hats and decorations, the second floor is just for you. The price of most commodities here is quite reasonable, so you can shop without worrying about your tight budget.

3. 3rd floor

The third floor is exactly the place for parents, especially mothers with kids. On the highest floor of Dong Xuan Market, there are various clothes for newborn babies, pregnant women and children, which are all very colorful and good-looking. In addition, there are other types of products for children such as toys, stuffed animals, lego blocks and puzzle games. Most of the toys originate from China, so the prices are quite cheap. It is a good idea for you to bring your children some souvenirs from Vietnam, they must be extremely excited!

III. Dong Xuan Night Market

Held from 6pm till midnight on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Dong Xuan Night Market is not only a place for purchasing goods in general but also an integral destination for cultural exchanges. Spreading over some main streets in the Old Quarter, Dong Xuan Night Market provides you with numerous products in nearly 4000 kiosks, ranging from fabric, clothes, souvenirs, handicrafts to foods and beverages, all of which reflect the typical culture and also the spirit of Hanoi.

The most popular products sold at Dong Xuan Market are clothes, shoes and up-to-date fashion commodities that serve the demand of the young locals and tourists, two main groups of consumers visiting this night market. Wandering around the crowded streets, you can freely choose a variety of souvenirs of Hanoi such as ceramics, pottery, wooden toys, ivory combs, T-shirt printed Vietnamese attractions, postcards and so on. Not only that, you can have a chance to enjoy mouth-watering Vietnamese specialties such as Pho, banh mi, rib porridge and sweet soup.

1. Opening Hours and Neighborhood:

Opening hours: 6pm until midnigh from Friday to Sunday

Dong Xuan Night Market takes place from 6pm until midnight on the last three days of the week. The location of this night market is not within Dong Xuan Market but from Hang Dao Street to the gate of the day market, so it is also called Hanoi Old Quarter Night Market.

Located within the Old Quarter, the surrounding area of Dong Xuan Night Market is also an ideal destination for you to explore. In a walking distance, you can get to Ta Hien Street to drink a cup of beer, enjoy the cultural shows at Thang Long Water Puppet Theater or wander around Hoan Kiem Lake and Long Bien Bridge to feel the bustling life of Hanoians.

2. Tips to Note:

Unlike at Dong Xuan Day Market, at the night market, you need not to bargain because the prices there are quite reasonable and pocket-friendly.

If you get to Dong Xuan Night Market by motorbike, besides finding a parking area, you should not take in alcohol drinks or you will be fined by the police.

In addition to trading at this market, you can experience the cultural traits in the nearby areas, especially in Hanoi Old Quarter and Pedestrian Park at weekends.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on your wallet and mobile phone, since there might be some pickpockets there.

3. How to Get to Dong Xuan Night Market?

From the north bank of the Hoan Kiem lake, take Hang Dao Street. Along the way, it changes name to Hang Ngang Street and then Hang Duong Street. Eventually it becomes Dong Xuan Street. You will see Dong Xuan Market on the right side of the road. The distance is about 400 meters.

The location of Dong Xuan Market is right in the city center, it is convenient for you to get there by car, bus, motorbike and even on walk. Beside Dong Xuan Day Market opening till 6pm, you can visit Dong Xuan Night Market from 6pm until midnight.

By taxi: Taking a taxi is supposed to be the easiest and most convenient to get to Dong Xuan Night Market, especially if you plan to stay at Dong Xuan Market late until midnight.

By motorbike: Riding a motorbike to admire the busy streets of Hanoi for sure is an intriguing experience. However, you should use Google Map to make sure that you will not get lost or go on one-direct streets. Besides, you will have to find a parking lot in the nearby area because the Old Quarter of Hanoi on weekends is blocked off to vehicles.   

By bus: Buses No. 09A, 14 and 36 will take you to the nearby areas of Dong Xuan Market, then you will have to walk to get there.

IV. What to Eat in Dong Xuan Market?

Visiting Dong Xuan Market, you would be definitely overwhelmed by the diversity of street foods there. If you are finding a place to discover the typical cuisine of Hanoi, Dong Xuan Market for sure is the best choice for you. In this market, you can choose plenty of delicious dishes, from Vietnamese style to famous street foods of other countries in the world. The reasonable prices and the diversity of food there make Dong Xuan market a food paradise in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, which is a familiar place for chit chatting of people from all ages.

Listing all the must-to-eat dishes in Dong Xuan Market is such a difficult task for you, so why don’t you try these following suggestions?

1. Noodle with grilled bamboo-stuck meat (Bún chả que tre)

Photo: vietnamtravel.co

Noodles with grilled bamboo-stuck meat is the first dish in Dong Xuan Market that is worth a try. Pork is cut into slices, added onion, lemongrass, black pepper and some other spices, stuck in a bamboo stick and grilled on charcoal fire. Grilled meat is served with rice noodles, pickled vegetables such as lettuce, cucumber and coriander then dipped into sweet and sour fish sauce. Having a plate of noodles with grilled bamboo-stuck meat will cost you about 25,000 VND, absolutely cheap for a delicious meal.

2. Rib and cartilage gruel (Cháo sườn sụn)

Rib and cartilage gruel satisfies the most fastidious diners by the combination of rib and rice in the porridge, which is both crunchy and well-stewed. In other places, rib and cartilage gruel is made from whole rice grain, but in Dong Xuan Market, it is made from grinded rice, which helps the texture to be more smooth and flavourful. Rib porridge is often served with finger-shaped dried bread. This dish will immediately leave a long-lasting impression on you from the first try. Only with 30,000 VND, you can enjoy a full bowl of rib and cartilage gruel in Dong Xuan Market.

3. Beef jerky and green papaya salad (Gỏi xoài khô bò)

Beef jerky and green papaya salad is a kind of snack popular in Dong Xuan Market. This dish is made of dried and spicy beef, mixed with fine-cut green papaya, roast gizzard, peanuts, coriander and mint leaves. The most important ingredient of this dish is the unique sauce, which is made from fish sauce, sugar, lemon juice and chilli according to a certain recipe, adding an unforgettable taste in every visitor. A plate of beef jerky and green papaya salad is around 35,000 VND, which is quite suitable for an evening wandering around the Old Quarter.

It is such a flaw if you come to Hanoi without shopping and experiencing the local culture in Dong Xuan Market. Not only a well-known trading center in Hanoi, Dong Xuan Market also holds the sentimental values for the capital with more than 1000 years of history. And what are you waiting for? Let’s visit Dong Xuan Market and don’t forget to share with us your wonderful experiences.

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Từ khoá: Dong Xuan Market – a Busy Trade Center in Hanoi

4 Places To Ship Juice To Your Place In Hanoi To Cool Off On A Summer Day

Summer has come very close. Although there are many cooling dishes such as soft drinks and milk tea, juice is considered the most healthy cooling dish to cope with the summer sun and still keep fit. If you do not know where to buy quality juice, please refer to the top 5 places to sell juice with delivery in Hanoi below!

1. Juicy – ​​Juice, pure nut milk

Juicy is the first address you should refer to if you want to balance quality and cost. Despite being a relatively new name in the juice “village”, the drinks from Juicy quickly score points with those who want to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

The juices here are very diverse.

The shop also has a variety of nut milk.

A plus point for Juicy that cannot fail to mention is living “green”, saying no to plastic waste. The shop uses glass bottles for customers and has a refund or cost reduction policy if you return a used bottle.

Price: from 32 thousand to 50 thousand / dish

2. True Juice

As one of the leading names, True Juice is no stranger to juice believers. Although the price is quite high compared to the common ground, the drinks from True Juice will certainly not disappoint you in terms of deliciousness and nutrition. The ingredients to make the juice are organically grown by True Juice in Da Lat, so you can be assured of the origin and origin.

True Juice is made from organic fruits and vegetables in Dalat.

Price: 75 thousand to 85 thousand / dish

3. Green – Nut milk, Fresh Juice & Smoothies

If one day you are tired of eating fruits or vegetables that are fried, boiled or eaten raw, switch to drinking green juices and smoothies. The shop is also one of the oldest names for juice lovers in Hanoi.

Green’s menu is quite diverse.

The drinks from Green are contained in lovely glass jars with a minimalist and light design. The diverse menu is also one of the strengths of the restaurant with hundreds of different drinks. If you have a need to lose weight but don’t want to be hungry, try the green smoothies. Not only healthy and delicious, but juices and smoothies from the shop also have the effect of increasing the body’s resistance, especially on changing weather days.

Price: 27 thousand to 64 thousand VND

4. Fraîcheur Cold Pressed Juice

In French, Fraîcheur means “Fresh”. This is also the motto of Hanoi’s juice brand since 2023. In addition to slow-squeezing fruits, Fraîcheur also specializes in weight loss juices that support beautiful skin and detoxification. These juice packages are designed into 3-day, 7-day and 14-day packages, depending on the package and the needs of the diners.

Fraîcheur’s juice dishes have no added sugar, no water.

In addition, Fraîcheur also provides Kobucha teas to support weight loss, some healthy foods such as Granola or fruit salad designed to support weight loss needs. The price of Fraîcheur’s juices is from 45 thousand, the juices mix match 2, 3 fruits are priced from 55 to 70 thousand. Specialty juice packages are worth from nearly 1.2 million to more than 3.3 million. The shop has 2 types of glass bottles and plastic bottles for you to choose from.

The shop has several types of kombucha tea…

…and a variety of healthy smoothies.

Average price of drinks: From 45,000 to 70,000 VND

Đăng bởi: Văn Nguyễn Thành Nhân

Từ khoá: 4 places to ship juice to your place in Hanoi to cool off on a summer day

The Life Of A Hanoi Girl Whose Heart Is “Powered By A Machine”

At 8 am, Nguyen Thuy Linh (32 years old, Ba Dinh district) was present at Hanoi Heart Hospital to periodically check her heart. She has lived with a pacemaker for more than 10 years and will be for the rest of her life, ever since she found out she had 3rd-degree atrioventricular block (a heart defect, also known as atrioventricular dissociation) – the highest degree it can cause. serious complications, even sudden death.

“The doctor said my health is normal, the pacemaker can be used for another 3-4 years”, Linh smiled, relieved with the doctor’s conclusion, after nearly 4 hours of waiting for procedures and tests. , taken at the hospital.

Thuy Linh has regular heart check-ups at Hanoi Heart Hospital, October 11th.

Heart surgery failed

At the age of 18, not attending college, Linh decided to marry a man 17 years older than her through matchmaking.

An educated man, a family with good conditions, from a big city overwhelmed the girl who was born in a poor village. After a week of talking, he went from Hanoi to Thai Nguyen to meet Linh’s parents and ask about marriage.

The first time they met, Linh was not impressed with her husband, but still agreed to find out. He is the first love, mature and knows how to pamper, so soon she accepted the love. After 10 months, they got married, although she said goodbye at least twice.

“I love him with everything I have,” Linh said. From that day on, she moved to Hanoi to live, not working, wholeheartedly staying at home to take care of her small family.

In early 2009, Linh became pregnant. During a prenatal visit, the doctor asked her to do more tests when some abnormalities were detected. The results stated that the woman had a heart valve regurgitation when the fetus was only 2 months old.

Linh did not cry, but her husband almost broke down and suffered. She encouraged him back, saying “I’ll be fine”.

Doctors consulted many times, considering this a serious case, asking Linh to consider keeping or aborting the child. She decided to keep the baby.

During her pregnancy, Linh was loved and cared for by her family. In April 2010, she gave birth by cesarean section to a boy, in stable health, with almost no signs of heart disease.

After a year of breastfeeding, Linh was given a treatment plan that required surgery, otherwise “she could die at any time”.

Linh was diagnosed with heart valve regurgitation, and after giving birth, she had to undergo surgery.

In order to prepare for the surgery with the hope of a complete recovery, she went to every large and small hospital in Hanoi to do tests, participate in consultations with doctors.

One winter day in 2011, Linh entered a major surgery to “repair” her heart. The anesthesiologist placed ECMO (artificial cardiopulmonary bypass), cut 6 thoracic bones with an electric scalpel, made 3 more incisions in the abdomen, placed a drainage tube as well as an electrical wire connecting the heart to the outside and connecting to the lower ducts hospital bed.

6-7 hours later, she woke up from a coma, pain covered her body. “I was like the main character in a horror movie, the surroundings were terrible even though I was prepared mentally,” Linh recalled.

It took her a month to recover, and each visit was like a nightmare. In the same hospital room, there were both old people and children, even though they were operated on the same day, some people woke up a few hours before Linh, and some people did not wake up until the day she was discharged from the hospital.

Scars from surgery all over the body, due to allergies, almost do not heal, rough all over the skin. But for Linh, the scar is not the biggest concern, instead, it is the doctor’s confession.

“The operation failed, I had 3rd degree atrioventricular block, which means my heart beat too slow”, repeating every word of the doctor, Linh burst into tears, speaking as if holding a death sentence in her hand, becoming a burden for her family. family.

She went home, went online to read all the documents about 3rd-degree atrioventricular block. Linh’s heart rate was only 43 beats per minute while this figure in normal women was 60. This made her ability to pump blood. Not enough on the organs of the heart, can cause fainting due to temporary cardiac arrest or sudden death due to prolonged cardiac arrest without prompt medical attention.

The best treatment for patients with 3rd degree atrioventricular block is permanent pacemaker placement. This is a small electrical device that is placed in the heart chambers, helping to create a heartbeat at a normal rate, capable of pumping blood to the organs in the body.

After the failed surgery, Linh was diagnosed with 3rd-degree of atrioventricular block, forcing a pacemaker to be implanted in her body.

At each follow-up visit, the doctor will check the life of the pacemaker.

Continuously for a month and a half, Linh went in and out of the hospital for examination. After the tests, she was put on a monitor that monitors her heart rate for 24 hours. She is like a robot, living dependent on the device.

Illness and unsatisfactory family life pushed Linh to the brink of depression at the age of 20. She was lonely, had no one to confide in, carried all the burdens alone and thought she would look to death to be relieved.

Health deteriorated seriously, but Linh hesitated to install a heart rate support machine. She knew that she could die at any moment, even in her sleep.

Everything around was blurry and dark.

One night, in a severe headache, Linh felt that death was near. She began to think about the doctor’s words, that a pacemaker with an average lifespan of 10-12 years could help her continue to live and have more memories with her son.

The next morning, she entered the hospital, decided to have surgery to put a pacemaker, accepting to live with it forever.

Since then, Linh has returned to her normal life, working less, and limiting some vigorous activities. She lives conservatively, tries to protect her heart as best as possible, maintains regular exercise every day for more than 30 minutes such as jogging, cycling, swimming, …

The diet is also focused on salt-free, eating a lot of vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, etc.

Every day, Linh spends 30 minutes exercising such as jogging, cycling,…

“My only wish is to be a normal person”

Some time later, Linh and her husband divorced due to incompatibility. The son is taken care of by the paternal family.

She struggled alone in Hanoi: No family, no degree, no job, her body was sick.

Although stuck, but Linh feels lucky because always having a son is the motivation to strive to become the best version. She told herself to live well so that her children would always be proud of themselves.

Linh found a job, despite being rejected several times with a history of heart disease. She applied for a job at a jewelry company, fortunately received after two interviews. The salary is not much, but it helps her to be financially independent, gradually changing their life that depends only on others as before.

Later, Linh looked for opportunities in real estate, had a little capital, and lived a better life thanks to that.

She is happy every morning when she wakes up in her wallet with 200,000 VND, the car is full of gas, the phone is full of battery. She will call her son, make an appointment for lunch, and spend 200,000 VND. When her son goes to school, she goes home to drink a delicious cup of coffee, without having to worry or bother.

For her, such a simple life is heaven.

Because she has seriously thought about death and feelings next to death, Linh cherishes the present life. She doesn’t know what tomorrow will bring, so she always lives today to the fullest.

“For more than 10 years living with a pacemaker, my only wish is to be a normal person,” Linh said.

She still maintains a good relationship with her husband, often going to his house to take care of their children. Many people say that Linh should hate her husband, but she can’t. They are still like a family, only there is no love between her and him.

At the age of 30, she promised herself that she would never repeat the story of her life. Although she sometimes feels desperate, lonely, considers herself a failure, or tries to be strong to cover the weak parts inside, Linh knows how hard she has been trying to be alive. and live happily.

Linh looks to the cups, collecting them as a motivation to go everywhere she wants.

New love, new happiness

In 2023, during a business trip to Phu Quoc, Linh met her current lover. She used to be afraid of love and sick, so she was reserved when a man took the initiative to approach her.

At this time, Phu Quoc with Linh is a new land, life goes by gently. In the morning she meets customers, works happily, in the afternoon goes swimming, and walking along the beach.

While working in a familiar cafe, a German expert, 9 years older than Linh, was stuck in Vietnam because of Covid-19 and took the initiative to get to know her.

Through the conversation, Linh agreed to make friends and become a guide for this person, even though her English is not good. From the very beginning, she drew the line, that “I was divorced, had a child, did not like to get married”.

“If he said he was looking for a love relationship, I would immediately refuse. But we decided to be friends,” Linh said.

Once, a foreign man accidentally saw Linh’s long scar. She also did not hide her illness, admitting that she had lived with a pacemaker for a long time.

He was shocked, but a few days later, seriously asked: “Stop working, let me take care of your life. The fact that you have been divorced, have children … For me, it is nothing”.

Linh once avoided love, but enough time to get to know and understand this man, touched by the confession “protecting my whole life”, she began to flutter and open her heart. The two were in long-distance love during the Covid-19 years, connecting with each other via phone.

Linh is with her current lover – a German man 9 years older than her.

In early 2023, when the epidemic was under control, they flew together to Thailand for a 15-day tour. Stopping at any temple in Thai land, he stopped and proposed to his beloved: “Linh, maybe not officially, but under the witness of the gods, you can stay here. Can I be with you forever? I agree to be your wife!”.

After saying that, he took off the gold chain around his neck and put it on Linh, as a pledge.

The girl nodded slightly in agreement, crying in happiness.

“Once I can live in a pink dream like this, I also accept it,” she confided.

Fulfilling his promise, he flew back to Vietnam many times and met and talked with Linh’s family. They both bought a house in Hanoi, and made an appointment to return to Germany at the end of the year to meet his parents, dreaming of a happy ending.

Linh’s last birthday in September was the most special day in more than 30 years, when she was next to the person she really loved.

“After many ups and downs, life is so easy now sometimes it scares me, how long will it last? But for me, every day is worth living and living in a special way,” she said.

“Me, I’ll never give up”

Linh longs to do seemingly ordinary things, such as running on her feet, flying in the sky, and diving under the sea. Every day, she spends time jogging, cycling, swimming, and wants to learn professional diving.

Last June, she signed up for a tour to explore Hang En – the third largest cave in the world to experience jungle, wading streams and eagerly camping overnight in the cave.

Linh crossed 22km of forest road in two days, eagerly with a backpack on her shoulder, proudly “oh I have a heart condition, but I look as healthy as everyone else”.

The girl felt great when she crossed another limit of herself, to receive a well-deserved reward of a cool, clear blue stream. She freely swam, then went ashore to sit by the red fire and drink a cup of hot coffee in her hand.

The way back was more difficult, with a 2 hour steep climb, and of course the heart was… against the master. Linh climbed 3 stairs, then stopped for a few minutes. Just like that, 3-4 steps to rest.

When encouraged and supported by the instructors, she cried again, “I’m fine, don’t make me feel like a failure, let me go on my own. I can go, go slowly”. She tried to explain to people how the pacemaker works so they wouldn’t be… scared and worried.

So the group split into two. One group went ahead, the other group fell behind because of Linh. Every time she cried, everyone cheered “Try hard, you can do it”.

She seemed to be given more strength, aggressively dashing forward. The pain seemed to disappear into nothingness, her chest filled with the strength of will.

The slopes continued to follow each other, long hun, forever refused to stop. The heart was still not satisfied, causing her to cry once again, helpless in her limbs. Although resting continuously, the legs still go, with the desire to conquer themselves.

Finally, just an hour later than the previous group, Linh’s group reached the finish line with overwhelming happiness. The tour guide said to her, “It’s the first time someone with a heart condition is climbing the mountain.”

Linh smiled happily in her heart, proudly: “Me, I will never give up, no matter how bumpy the life ahead is.”

(According to Dan Tri)

Đăng bởi: Nghĩa Nguyễn

Từ khoá: The life of a Hanoi girl whose heart is “powered by a machine”

Change The Wind For A Day At The Picnic Area Of ​​Wind Hill With A View Of The Whole City Of Lao Cai

Locating the coordinates of Wind Hill 

Doi Gio picnic area is probably a “rookie” on the tourist map of Lao Cai . Because when coming to this place, tourists often choose to explore Sapa, climb mountains, visit villages. But if you have little time or are a local resident who wants to change the wind a bit, come to the beautiful picnic area called Windy Hill. 

Wind Hill picnic area is located in the center of Lao Cai city. Photo: Fanpage of Wind Hill Picnic Area

This site is located on a high hill in Khe Le residential area, right in the center of Lao Cai city. In the middle of a vibrant, developing city, there is a large, unspoiled hill that opens up to an extremely beautiful view. Here, visitors can breathe in the fresh air and take lots of magical photos. 

This is a green hill with a view overlooking the beautiful city of Lao Cai. Photo: Fanpage of Wind Hill Picnic Area

Unlike other tourist areas, Wind Hill develops based on natural terrain, following the direction of green tourism. All facilities of the resort do not affect the land, preserving the landscape and nature here. So when you explore this picnic area, you will feel the peace, freshness and closeness.

What’s fun in the Wind Hill picnic area?

The Wind Hill picnic area was born in 2023 – a time when our country was straining with the pandemic. Since then, this place has constantly improved to better serve the camping and picnic needs of tourists and indigenous people. Coming to Windy Hill is to come to beautiful nature and can see the whole scenery of Lao Cai city from above.

Wind Hill picnic area is a beautiful hill, cool space. Photo: Fanpage of Wind Hill Picnic Area

Compared to many other destinations in Lao Cai , Doi Gio is still quite new. That’s right, this place has only been open for 1-2 years. However, if you want to have a “relaxing” day after stressful working hours, this is the right destination not to be missed. 

Wind Hill picnic area has a beautiful view like the European sky, suitable for picnics and camping during the day. Photo: Fanpage of Wind Hill Picnic Area

Wind Hill was originally a bare bare hill, after being invested as a picnic area, it was planned to plant more green grass, more romantic and sweet flower gardens. Because it is a high hill, visitors coming here can experience the sunset or sunrise, and hunt for beautiful photos. 

Here, visitors can enjoy the panoramic view of Lao Cai city, photograph the sunrise or sunset. Photo: Fanpage of Wind Hill Picnic Area

The space of the Wind Hill picnic area is quite large and is divided into many campuses such as a camping area, a flower garden, a barbecue area, a children’s play area, an area for serving water for visitors. Because it is a picnic place, there is no luxury service here, but in return, you can enjoy the fresh and relaxed natural scenery. 

The hill is filled with bright yellow butterfly flowers. Photo: Fanpage of Wind Hill Picnic Area

The most attractive thing for young people when discovering Wind Hill is the large flower garden, planted along the hillside from high to low. In the middle of the garden, there is a path for you to pose for photos, in the distance is the green scenery of Lao Cai mountains and forests, looking like the West sky. Depending on the season, the garden grows butterfly flowers, white mustard flowers, buckwheat triangles , cypress flowers, … extremely beautiful.

There is an area for guests to organize a barbecue. Photo: Fanpage of Wind Hill Picnic Area

To serve the virtual living needs of young tourists, the picnic area also has a clothes rental service with ancient costumes, gorgeous dresses, traditional costumes of the Mong and Thai people, etc. Those are accessories such as wide-brimmed hats, lovely umbrellas. Visitors just need to come to this camping spot in Lao Cai to have many beautiful photos to take home. 

The picnic area has water service for visitors. Photo: Fanpage of Wind Hill Picnic Area

If you are a lover of overnight camping, choose to stay here to experience because the picnic area is fully equipped with rental equipment for visitors. You don’t have to work hard to prepare because there are already boards, tents, pillows, cooking utensils, etc. Coming here, guests just need to rent according to their needs and have a really fun and complete camp night. 

What a romantic night scene. Photo: Fanpage of Wind Hill Picnic Area

Although not too comfortable or modern, Wind Hill has a clean and convenient toilet, dining area and water counter for visitors to experience as comfortably as possible. Just spend 1 day coming to this picnic area, you can have fun, take pictures and have memorable experiences with relatives and friends. 

Experience going to the Wind Hill picnic area 

Doi Gio picnic area is located in the center of Lao Cai city, so it is very convenient for tourists to travel and explore. This place is suitable for fun activities, camping, sightseeing during the day. Therefore, you can come in the morning and leave in the afternoon. If you want to spend the night, you should come from 4-5 pm to watch the sunset, the next day to catch the sunrise. 

Ticket price for sightseeing and taking photos is only 20,000 VND/person. Photo: Fanpage of Wind Hill Picnic Area

The service at Wind Hill is also quite simple, so the ticket price is not too expensive. If you just visit and take pictures, the price is 20,000 VND/person. If there is a need to rent camping equipment, the picnic area also has a clear and reasonable price list. 

There is a full range of camping equipment and furniture for rent. Photo: Fanpage of Wind Hill Picnic Area

This location is quite close to the center, so if you want to have a complete camping trip, you can prepare food and drink to your liking and come here to rent tents and processing equipment. Note, the space of the picnic area keeps the pristine nature of the mountains and hills, so visitors should join hands to keep the hygiene clean. 

Beautiful place in Lao Cai that you cannot miss. Photo: Fanpage of Wind Hill Picnic Area

Wind Hill picnic area is an ideal destination for short-term activities of families or groups of close friends, small-scale companies. There is a beautiful poetic scene here, a good view, a fresh space for camping, playing, etc. will surely bring visitors a lot of memorable memories. 

Photo: Facebook Wind Hill Picnic Area

Đăng bởi: Thống Biệu

Từ khoá: Change the wind for a day at the picnic area of ​​Wind Hill with a view of the whole city of Lao Cai 

Binh Dinh – A Tourist Attraction In The Central Region

As one of the localities on the South Central Coast, Binh Dinh has terrain with its back leaning against the mountain, facing the sea. The horizontal branches of the Truong Son range cut into the sea, giving this province many straits, bays, and bays with their own distinctive character.

Located in the southeast of Binh Dinh province, Quy Nhon is surrounded by blue sea, white sand and golden sunshine attracting many tourists. Right in the city center, Quy Nhon beach stretches for about 5 km, running from Tan cape to Rang rapids, scoring points thanks to its gentle features with whispering waves, allowing visitors to enjoy diving in the middle of the water. blue sky.

Ms. Hoai Tram – a tourist in Ho Chi Minh City – shared that she enjoyed watching the colorful beauty of the sea at Rang rapids – Tien Sa, Quy Hoa, Xep beach, Bau beach, Bang beach… in Binh Dinh. In addition, the island communes of Nhon Chau, Nhon Ly and Nhon Hai belonging to this city possess countless beautiful seascapes and green natural spaces, which attract her every time she has the opportunity to stop at her destinations. this.

Ky Co beach impresses with its clear blue water, fine white sand, cool green trees… Photo: shutterstock

Half an hour from Quy Nhon floating on the sea, visitors are still impressed with Nhon Chau island commune. Nhon Chau has many beautiful scenes such as shallow coral beach, Small beach, Nhon Chau lighthouse, Ong Tien well… This place is known as “the pearl of the sea” because of its shimmering and hidden beauty. The wild and rustic features of the sea here attract many moving hearts.

From the center of Quy Nhon city, crossing the Thi Nai bridge, following the sand dunes, along the Phuong Mai peninsula, in the northeast direction, visitors will come to the center of Nhon Ly commune. This place is not only famous for having Ky Co, but also owns many beaches, waists, pools, bays… such as Gio, Pineapple, Hon Seo, Nha Cang, Rang… To Nhon Ly, Visitors will be satisfied to watch the sea and enjoy the cultural space of the sea with wild beauty, full of sunshine and wind.

Crossing Thi Nai bridge, in the Southeast direction, is Nhon Hai island commune, which is quiet and peaceful amidst thousands of waves. Possessing a long rocky beach with many interesting shapes, there are rocks on land and in the water, so in the green moss season, Nhon Hai is impressed by the outstanding natural scenery. The ancient stone wall lying on the seabed of the Cham Pa people is also one of the special features that make tourists love this place.

Not far from the shore is Hon Kho island with rich marine resources. Coming to Nhon Hai on sunny days of spring and summer, visitors will be able to snorkel, watch corals, play with sea creatures, camp, learn about the lives of local fishermen, and explore the construction of the breakwaters of the island. Cham people and enjoy delicious seafood specialties…

Especially, located on the Hai Giang peninsula, many tourists are impressed with MerryLand Quy Nhon – possessing a multi-layered natural complex from the depths of the sea to the middle of the sky. Lying back against the majestic hills, surrounded by fine sand and turquoise water, this destination has attracted many tourists to visit and experience.

The calm sea, clean water, and white sand… are the features of Green Island – one of the destinations not to be missed in Binh Dinh. Photo: shutterstock

Binh Dinh also owns a lot of charming seascapes spread along with districts such as Phu Cat, Phu My, and Hoai Nhon. Phu Cat has the beaches of Cat Tien, Trung Luong, Cat Hoi, Cat Thang, and De Gi… with attractive natural scenery.

Favored by nature with softly curved bay, clear blue water, long white sand beach, shallow water level… Trung Luong beach has become one of the romantic bathing places for many tourists. Located in the middle of the valley, at Trung Luong beach, visitors can enjoy the bumpy space of the rocky mountains, and feel the airy, far away from the eyes of the sea.

Along the North, Phu My has Vi Rong cape, a rocky cliff protruding into the sea, close to the coast in Tan Phung village, My Tho commune. Seen from above, this cliff looks like a dragon taking off to fly to the sea. Visitors standing here can observe the scene of the waves crashing against the rocks and the sound of the waves.

Not noisy and bustling like Ky Co, Eo Gio, Hoai Nhon attracts thanks to many beaches such as Lo Dieu, Hoai Hai, Hang Yen… Hoai Nhon Beach with stone slabs of various shapes due to natural erosion of water, sun and wind, from which to weave many interesting life stories. This place also possesses wild and natural features… making Hoai Nhon’s own unique feature.

Many tourists said that Binh Dinh beaches are not only vast and immense but also clear and unspoiled, attracting them to come back again and again. It is a beautiful Quy Nhon beach, gentle but no less poetic. A peaceful Xep beach; an Eo Gio with the waves crashing, the bow-shaped curve reaching out to the sea to catch the wind. Coming to Binh Dinh, visitors are also impressed by a beautiful Ky ​​Co, a Green Isle with wild beauty and a Boi pool with clear sea… and many memorable experiences.

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Từ khoá: Binh Dinh – a tourist attraction in the Central region

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